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Living Trust Plus™ Asset Protection Trust Video Series

Written by Evan Farr

The Living Trust Plus™ is a unique solution to a large problem.

living trust plus asset protection trust virginia elder lawEvan developed this trust as a means of protecting assets while the creator is still living.  Including the most expensive creditors in existence: nursing homes.  Any form of long-term care is expensive, and long-term care insurance is not easy to obtain for many people, either due to eligibility requirements, pre-existing conditions, or the high cost.

Many attorneys are not aware this trust even exists, and it goes without saying in detail how absent from public knowledge this form of asset protection really is.  Our educational video series will shed some light on this trust that is growing in popularity, yet still relatively unknown on a national scale.

Enjoy our Living Trust Plus™ Video Series

Part I


Part II Will “Unlock” Soon!


Part II covers the main limitation of a revocable living trust, and how this limitation is abolished with a Living Trust Plus™.


This is part of an effort to spread awareness of the protections this trust can provide, at a time when middle class Americans need it the most.


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“What if I can’t qualify for long-term care insurance?”

Written by Evan Farr

The Living Trust Plus™ is a revolutionary asset protection trust, designed to help the middle class protect assets from the devastating expenses of long-term care.   If you’ve attended one of my seminars you are already familiar with it.

To brush up your knowledge on what we refer to as “Medicaid Asset Protection,”  please visit my Firm’s section dedicated to explaining Medicaid asset protection trusts and other related services you may want or need.

If you are an attorney and are interested in learning more about the Living Trust Plus™ so you can offer it to your clients, or if you want even more detailed information in general, visit the national attorney page, LivingTrustPlus.com.

If you do not live in Virginia and can’t pay us a visit at The Farr Law Firm, you may also be interested in visiting the Living Trust Plus National Network website, so you can locate and contact the licensed attorney in your state.